Basics of European Calligraphy

Basics of European Calligraphy (Fridays)

If you are interested in history of European calligraphy but you feel lost in variety of sources, styles and tools, this workshop is perfect for you! We are going to slide through centuries of evolution in history of writing by learning the basics of different styles.

We will start our yourney in early medieval times with Uncial and learn basic strokes created with wide tools like nibs and wooden sticks. Then we will go towards gothic times and stay in France till XVII century. After learning basics of the Roundhand we are going to change our tools for pointy nibs to end our journey with cursive.

There will be a lot of work but you will learn some history in the meantime while advancing in basics of calligraphy. It is a great way to learn about the culture and finding a new hobby or working on a unique kind of skill.

There will be 14 classes, on Fridays, 17:00 – 19:00 (5pm – 7pm):

23 Feb 2024

8, 15, 22 Mar 2024

12, 19, 26 Apr 2024

10, 17, 24 May 2024

7, 14, 21, 28 Jun 2024

Every tool for our calligraphy workshops will be provided on the spot. Every participant will have set of own tools and paper materials.

Cost for all 14 classes– 1470 zł

Split payment in 2 instalments – 2 x 735 zł (FEB – 23 APR / 23 APR – JUN)

Monthly payment – 105 zł x quantinty of classes in the month



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