Warming up before practicing calligraphy | Why is it important?

If you’ve ever felt like your hand is very stiff at the beginning of your calligraphy practice time and there’s no way to turn shaky letters into nice rhytmic flow of shapes, then these few tips and excersises should help you achieve better results.

Let’s start with the grip. Do you squeeze the tool while writing? So hard that tips of your fingers turn white? And then you have this one painful spot on your finger where you base your tool? If yes, then you should focus on relaxing your hand while writing. Try it with soft pencil (like B, 2B, 3B etc.) or pen and try not to flex your hand muscles too much – only as much as it is needed to hold the tool and make soft line, nothing more.

You can try some excersises to warm up parts of your hand before longer writing and practicing calligraphy I’ve prepared:

Remember to keep your hand relaxed and focus on each part of your palm and arm while excersising. It might be a lot for the first time but you will get use to it. After warming up it will be easier to learn new styles, or practice the ones you know as your hand won’t be stiff anymore and your fingers will be more relaxed. You’ll also prevent unwanted muscle stretching and as a result pain. It is a win-win situation 🙂

Have a nice day!

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